The Daily Scramble #4: Notes on taking your time back

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The Daily Scramble #3: Notes on why this isn’t about *your* freedom

The Daily Scramble #2: Notes on respecting people’s time from someone who’s wasted a lot of it

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The Daily Scramble #1:Notes on friendships, time, and the lost art of listening

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Our ability to grant someone our undivided attention is at a tipping point.

We’ve seen the documentaries. We’ve read the articles. We’ve sat across that table once and have felt that unshakable sense of loneliness despite being two feet away from them.

Be progressive, not regressive

How the mind works is astonishingly complex and beautiful.

It is unarguably our greatest asset for survival and progress, yet we take it for granted, not appreciating its immense power that remains untapped, rotting within the confinements of our own consciousness.

“Speak to inspire, not to impress.” — Lisa Nichols

The end of what was arguably one of the most memorable years in a single lifetime is fast approaching.

As time passes and people around the world eventually begin to adapt to their new way of life, chances are, ten years from now, many of us will most notably remember the start of this decade as the unprecedented health crisis that wrecked families and nations worldwide.

There’s *one thing* that studying successful people teaches us…

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There is a shortage of top-flight, expertly qualified people to fill key positions.

Most big jobs — whether it be running an early-stage start-up or multinational corporation, government, military, high-level selling, or taking control your own life’s fate — demand people who aren’t just good at delegating tasks over to others.

3 principles to living a more fulfilled life from some of the world’s most prominent leadership experts

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We’ve all been through this.

It happened in our first-ever presentation to our classmates; our first-ever presentation to the Board of Directors; when our name was called on stage to give a speech at a conference or a local community event, and in any other occasion that involved our having to speak in front of an audience.

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New year. New goals. New… books?

It’s no surprise that when January 1st comes around, “getting more exercise” or “going to the gym more consistently” tops most New Year resolution lists, once again, year after year. In 2017, the global health and wellness industry was worth $4.2 trillion.

A fun memory test, and what I learned from it.

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Funny how random encounters can have an unexpected, drastic impact on your life. Or, in my case, on my Google Calendar.

Let’s journey back to a few months ago.

Part I — The gala monologue

One evening in early November, I found myself opening up to a total stranger at a fundraising gala dinner about my personal life after several glasses of…

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