Be progressive, not regressive

How the mind works is astonishingly complex and beautiful.

It is unarguably our greatest asset for survival and progress, yet we take it for granted, not appreciating its immense power that remains untapped, rotting within the confinements of our own consciousness.

It’s easy to attribute success to what we to have contributed to it — whether it be our physical strength, our ability to analyze and process information quickly, or any other quality that defines who we are as an individual.

The same goes for the unsuccessful.

We correlate our lack of interest, care, or elements that are outside of our own control closely with failure.

But before…

Let’s feel excited about our user journey through life again

We’re spoiled.

We have access to so much of virtually anything that it needn’t take long before dissatisfaction with what we already have kicks in, and the feedback loop closes more frequently.

As we experience new mobile apps, computer interfaces and other technologies, more ideas on how to make things work, look, and feel better come to mind.

If a user interface remains exactly the same throughout its (arguably short) lifetime, chances are we might want to move on to a better one (Craigslist being an exception rather than the rule.)

We love seeing new features being added to the applications we…

“Speak to inspire, not to impress.” — Lisa Nichols

The end of what was arguably one of the most memorable years in a single lifetime is fast approaching.

As time passes and people around the world eventually begin to adapt to their new way of life, chances are, ten years from now, many of us will most notably remember the start of this decade as the unprecedented health crisis that wrecked families and nations worldwide.

For some, COVID-19 alone will be the highlight of their 2020.

Others may remember it for its U.S. elections and the ever-rising popularity of spreading misinformation and disinformation.

Some may remember 2020 as a year of racism and xenophobia; plagued by social injustice following the ongoing murder of men and women of color…

There’s *one thing* that studying successful people teaches us…

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

Chances are, you’ve heard the saying, “There’s plenty of room at the top.”

As it turns out, there really is.

This has been repeatedly expressed by top leaders in business, management, and general self-help books for decades.

And it remains very much relevant today.

There is a shortage of top-flight, expertly qualified people to fill key positions.

Most big jobs — whether it be running an early-stage start-up or multinational corporation, government, military, high-level selling, or taking control your own life’s fate — demand people who aren’t just good at delegating tasks over to others.

After all, you can’t just leave everything up to the ‘Big Guy’ upstairs to determine how your life…

3 principles to living a more fulfilled life from some of the world’s most prominent leadership experts

Photo by Alexandre Pellaes on Unsplash

We’ve all been through this.

It happened in our first-ever presentation to our classmates; our first-ever presentation to the Board of Directors; when our name was called on stage to give a speech at a conference or a local community event, and in any other occasion that involved our having to speak in front of an audience.

For the “untrained” mind, a plethora of self-doubting thoughts rushes through our veins the second we’re presented with the opportunity to share our ideas with others.

Illustration by Alex Castro (Source: The Verge)

The worldwide popular ‘Fortnite’ game developer has launched the Internet’s first ‘World War’ with separate antitrust lawsuits against Apple and Google (with a very clever stab at Apple’s “1984” campaign for what might be arguably one of the most creative tech activist movements ever). The lawsuit accuses the two companies of removing its app from both the App Store and the Google Play Store after it’d updated its payment system to offer a separate, discounted method that bypasses both companies’ taxed system.

This has been the talk of most tech-related news over the last couple of weeks, and while it…

Photo by Christin Hume

New year. New goals. New… books?

It’s no surprise that when January 1st comes around, “getting more exercise” or “going to the gym more consistently” tops most New Year resolution lists, once again, year after year. In 2017, the global health and wellness industry was worth $4.2 trillion.

But there’s another goal that seems to be getting increasingly more attention: reading.

Whether you’d like to dive into mindfulness more seriously, invest your money like Warren Buffet, learn how your cat is plotting to kill you, or finally get around to opening that Excel sheet that’s always looked so evil to you, chances are there’s a copy…

A fun memory test, and what I learned from it.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Funny how random encounters can have an unexpected, drastic impact on your life. Or, in my case, on my Google Calendar.

Let’s journey back to a few months ago.

It’ll take a few minutes, but it’s all for the greater good of the story.

However, if you have to rush to work or you feel like your attention span is struggling between spending an extra 2 minutes on Medium and going back to your Instagram feed (or something a little more valuable), you can skip to “Part III — Gnocchis That Rocked My World.”

Part I — The gala monologue

One evening in early November, I found myself opening up to a total stranger at a fundraising gala dinner about my personal life after several glasses of…

Photo by asoggetti on Unsplash

At about 7:00 AM in negative 3 degree-Celsius weather with no proper training, I was standing a few meters away from the start line at the Fujisan Marathon in Japan in November 2018, also known as the Mt. Fuji International Marathon, physically freezing while attempting to channel a level of excitement I hadn’t felt before.

This was going to be my third ever full marathon and possibly the most mesmerizing experience to date, and the conditions could not be more perfect for it: despite my shivering legs and the unfit pair of shoes I had decided to run with, the…

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Did you ever have that moment when you thought ‘That’s it… I made it. I’m an adult.’?

What was it for you?

Your age? Being the proud owner of your own house? Buying your first car? Landing the dream position you’d been targeting since graduation? Committing to a serious relationship and moving into the same home together? Being able to afford to switch dinner date locations from your local sandwich joint to higher-end restaurants? Complete financial stability?

Was it personal or professional? Materialistic or intangible? Has it ever even been on your mind at all?

In today’s hyperactive and ever-connected…

Edouard Bellin

Constantly experimenting with life.

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